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Save 15% on your registration with code BH15

There are options for everyone!

  • Run or Walk the 5K

  • Half Marathon

  • Full Marathon

  • 5K/Half Marathon Combo

  • 5K/Full Marathon Combo

  • Virtual 5K/Half/Full Marathon

  • Or Volunteer with us at the Mile 23 Water Station

Raise Money For Our Cause

Building Humanity is an official charity of the OC Marathon running festival. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000. your donations will help us raise funds for two amazing projects happening in 2024: design and construction of a community and resiliency center for the grand Caillou Dulac tribal peoples in Houma, Louisiana, and building a home for children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS or COVID to live with their new forever family in the Eternal Family Orphanage in Tabora, Tanzania.

Pledge to Fundraise
  • Fundraise $150 - receive a Building Humanity Team t-shirt

  • Fundraise $350 - receive a Building Humanity Team t-shirt & embroidered hat

  • Fundraise $500 - receive a Building Humanity Team t-shirt, embroidered hat & tumbler

  • Fundraise $750 - receive a $250 off your next BH volunteer build trip OR Building Humanity Team t-shirt, embroidered hat, tumbler & hoodie.

Fundraise for your Registration Fee

If you fundraise for your run/walk and meet the following thresholds,

in addition to the swag above, your registration fee will be refunded to you!

  • 5K – Fundraise $150

  • Half Marathon – Fundraise $350

  • Full Marathon – Fundraise $500

  • Half/Full Combo – Fundraise $750




  • $1000 Donation - Your business logo will be added to our team t-shirts

  • $2000 Donation - Your business will be our main t-shirt sponsor, and your logo will sit large, front and center

  • $5000 Donation - Your business will sponsor our water station at mile 23, and we will showcase your company logo all around our tent.



Not a runner or walker? volunteer at our water station at mile 23!

Volunteers needed from 5:45am to 12:30pm on Sunday, may 5. there will be music and dancing and a guaranteed fun time!


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