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Sabre Trust 

Ghana Exchange,

Ghana 2018




Eikwe and Ngalekpole, Ghana


March 10-18, 2018

Who Is Sabre Trust?

The Sabre Charitable Trust (Sabre) is an education charity working in southern Ghana to improve the lives of poor and marginalized children. Their Brighter Futures Program provides an innovative and carefully considered response to the challenges of poor learning environments and weak teacher capacity in the kindergarten sector, which is delivered through Building Better Schools and providing Transformational Teacher Training.

Why Did We Participate?

In 2018 our CEO, Erin Colshan participated in the Ghana Exchange where 14 young professionals travelled to Ghana to help complete two playgrounds and shade structures to benefit the education of Ghanaian children as part of their Build Better Schools program. These two schools do not have funding to be completely remodeled, but these outdoor play and learning spaces will make huge impacts. 

The playgrounds that we worked on are in full use in the Eikwe and Ngalekpole kindergartens. Each year these playgrounds will benefit 160 kindergarten children and will give them much more than just a fun place for them to play. The shaded external learning space allows teachers to bring the children’s learning outside and gives them vital space for physical activities. Using the outside space is a key part of the learning through play and activity methodology and prevents young children sitting behind a desk all day. The playground equipment will also help the children to develop their gross & fine motor skills, coordination and social skills as they learn to play together.  


All of our hard work on site meant that their building team saved an entire week of work, putting them well ahead of schedule, and feedback from the team showed just how much they loved having us as part of their team.

What Did We Learn?

This experience helped Erin learn and develop changes to the way Building Humanity conducts projects. This experience was invaluable to the growth of Building Humanity and all future projects. 


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