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Photos Provided by Kate Lord

Sacred Valley Project Build,

Peru 2019


Complete construction and finishes on 2 dormitories & small living unit for the house mother


Ollantaytambo & Calca, Peru


September 19 - October 2, 2019


In Peru, indigenous communities are dispersed throughout the   Andes Mountains and lack access to many public services, including education. Children must walk several hours to the nearest elementary school and high schools which are often only located in larger town centers, often a distance that is too far of a journey to be made by foot. This lack of access to education presents an even greater challenge for indigenous girls. While many boys move to urban centers to pursue educational opportunities, this same option is not available to most girls.

Only four in ten Peruvian girls from rural Andean communities will graduate from secondary school. Education for women is an especially important investment as the benefits impact future generations and families. Female education is proven to have a substantial impact on reducing poverty. Studies show that an educated woman is more likely to have a smaller and healthier family, a stronger voice in family negotiations and the ability to advocate for herself and her children.

Currently the Sacred Valley Project has two dormitories, each supporting separate communities. One dormitory is located in Ollantaytambo, and the other about an hour and a half away in Calca. Some of the girls commute from as far away as a fifteen hour trek from their home village in the Andes. 

Each dormitory houses twenty girls, ranging in age from 11 to 17 years. An additional ten girls come for tutoring and mentorship. Each dorm has a house mother who is at the home for support and assistance in all aspects of life. 

Current Construction Needs

The Sacred Valley Project has a significant amount of construction, repair and specialty needs that the Building Humanity team will be assisting with. Those items include but are not limited to:

  • Complete the construction of a small living quarter for the director of the program

  • Computer labs for both dormitories that require installation of computers and finishes 

  • Complete interior finishes for study rooms at both dormitory locations

  • Complete electrical and plumbing installation for one of the dormitories 

  • Complete interior finishes at both dormitory locations

  • Complete interior finishes for the bakery


In addition to the above needs, there are also tasks outlined below which require specialists with experience in the associated fields. 

Special Skills Needed

Both dormitories are in need of repairs and maintenance that would require 1-2 people with each of the following specialties to complete during the build event.

  • Solar Water Heater Specialist - The current solar water heaters, which provide hot water to the showers, function intermittently and are constantly in need of repair. The community lacks specialists who are capable of diagnosing and repairing the issues. There is also a desire to extend the hot water system to service the kitchen sinks.
  • Wind Turbine Engineer - One of the dormitories is located in a very windy valley. The desire is to have a specialist conduct feasibility studies and make recommendations on if/how a small wind turbine system could be installed. 

  • Grey Water Treatment Specialist - There is currently a grey water collection and treatment system in one of the facilities that needs evaluation. It was installed by a local engineer, but there are concerns that it is not per forming properly. Water tests and evaluations of the system’s effectiveness is needed with recommendations and completion of any necessary corrections. 

  • Electrician - There are numerous electrical maintenance issues that require repair along with the need to install new wiring and lighting fixtures. A skilled electrician (or 2) would be a valuable asset to the team.  

  • Plumber - There are numerous plumbing maintenance issues in need of repair as well as required corrections due to poor installation of piping. A skilled plumber (or 2) would be a valuable asset to the team.  

  • CPR / First Aid - Building Humanity will have two CPR & First Aid certified staff on hand, but additional participants with training would be beneficial to the team. With such a large team it is important to have additional volunteers on hand to deal with any medical emergencies. ​​

Volunteer Capacity

This project is a unique opportunity as it has the capability of providing enough work for a large group. Because there are two separate dormitory locations, we could potentially host up to 40 volunteers. Most volunteers would be separated into two groups, each servicing a dormitory, with employees with special skills rotating between projects.  


No previous construction experience is required, but special priority will be given to people who specialize in any of the "Special Skills Needed" above.


Friends and family members are also welcome to join. 

Volunteer Cost

Each volunteer would be required to fundraise $1600 to pay for the cost of their participation in the event. Donations made toward your cost are tax deductible and receipts can be provided to donors. 

A non refundable $250 deposit is required to hold your spot. To make your deposit please pay via PayPal or bank transfer. 

Included in your cost are the following:

  • pickup/drop-off from airport

  • transportation around the Sacred Valley & Historic Sites

  • accommodation

  • meals & water (no alcoholic beverages)

  • entrance fees & guides at historic sites (excluding optional trip to Machu Picchu)

  • Volunteer T-shirt

  • personal protection/safety equipment


This cost DOES NOT INCLUDE flights to/from your home city/country, alcoholic beverages, additional trips (eg. Machu Picchu), or souvenirs. Meals are accommodated in the group. If you choose not to participate in group meals, no reimbursement will be made. 

Preliminary Itinerary

  • Thursday, Sept 19 - Team arrives in Cusco, Peru

  • Friday - Sunday, Sept 20-22 - Trek out to Mendozayoc, a remote community where some of the young women travel from. Due to the remoteness of this community it will take 6-7 hours by car followed by a 3-4 hour high altitude hike into the Andes and 2 nights of tent camping. We highly encourage if you are having doubts about your ability to complete this trek that you stay behind. There is no turning back once you begin. Those who cannot or do not want to travel to Mendozayoc will be taken to Ollantaytambo or Calca to stay in a hotel or home-stay (TBD). Those who stay behind can explore the city and local ruins throughout the weekend.

  • Monday through Friday, Sept 23-27 - Team works on site

  • Saturday & Sunday, Sept 28-29 - Team has a free weekend. Optional Machu Picchu excursion is available on Saturday at additional cost to participant. 

  • Monday & Tuesday, Sept 30-Oct 1 - Team works on site

  • Wednesday, Oct 2 - Team returns to Cusco for departure

*We recommend that you plan to arrive in Cusco several days early to acclimatize yourself with the altitude. Cusco is located at 11,152 ft (3,400 meters) above sea level! Our first days together will include walking and hiking, so it will be beneficial to have several days prior to allow your body to adjust. If you know you are particularly sensitive to the altitude, consult a doctor prior to coming and bring plenty of altitude medication. 

**This additional time would NOT be arranged by Building Humanity or included in your fee. We are more than happy to assist in making recommendations. 

Signing Up

This project is complete. Write-up and photos coming soon.