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Wine Tasting Class - Feb 15th


You are invited to our Second annual Wine Class! The class will be held on February 15th and will help raise funds for the Thailand Orphanage Build.

If you were born before February16, 1997, and if you do not know the difference between an “Amontillado” and “Appellation” then you are invited to an exclusive wine class.

If you wish to order wine with dinner and you do not know the difference between “Eau de Vie” and “Bonjour”, then this class is for you.

With this class, you will take your knowledge of wine to the next level.

The class will teach wine pairing, as well as delve into terrain tastings of local and different wine regions of the world.

The class will be led by an expert wine steward whom is greatly qualified and has an expansive degree of wine knowledge.




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